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Job Opportunity for an Experienced Mechanical Engineer

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced mechanical engineer -- who must have expertise in engineering design involving mechanics, materials, heat transfer, and fluids -- to develop an energy harvester (i.e. a heat-to-electricity thermoelectric generator called 'TEG') for vehicle engine exhaust, among other applications.  The novel technology also enables cost-effective manufacture with muffler components, offering a 2-in-1 'muffler-TEG'.  Furthermore, the TEG scales compactly in capacity from 100 to 10,000 Watts or more.  

A detailed job description is presented below.


Job Summary:

An experienced mechanical engineer will participate in the technical design, development, and launch of a category of products based upon a heat recovery technology, positioned for lasting impact in clean-tech.  This position requires technical and interpersonal maturity to work well within a multi-disciplinary environment as well as a pragmatic drive to deliver results towards product realization.

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Design, analyze, fabricate, and test prototypes and products -- involving mechanics, materials, heat transfer, and fluids -- ultimately positioning detailed mechanical designs for volume manufacture and commercialization. 

Model and simulate mechanical structures involving heat transfer (conduction, convection) from heat exchangers and mechanical and thermal stresses from thermal expansion and effects due to high temperature, materials, and their interfaces.

Develop computer models as design tools to assist product development.

Define specifications for parts and system.  Lead vendors and suppliers to deliver to spec.

Participate as key technical contributor within multi-disciplinary team, involving company staff and external company partners.    

Contribute to developing company’s core technologies and intellectual property. 

Document designs and results in the form of detailed drawings, reports, and presentations. 

Manage technical tasks and projects in order to meet overall program goals.

Required Skills and Experience:

Solid technical capabilities involving detailed mechanical designs (SolidWorks) and analysis and modeling of material mechanics and heat transfer (i.e. FEA, CFD).  Such experience with heat exchange and materials at high temperatures (i.e. 400 – 900 degC) is preferred as is durability / fatigue analysis from dynamic shock and vibration in automotive vehicles. 

Product development experience in applying rigorous technical skills to deliver prototypes / products.  Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA) strongly preferred.

Experience with heat exchangers, thermoelectric devices, and vacuum-sealed devices is preferred.

Technical project management is preferred.

Good communication skills, verbal and written.

Good interpersonal skills, ability to work well in a team environment. 

Agility, adaptability, and resourcefulness within a dynamic work environment.

Strong desire to work in a start-up company is a must.  Experience in a start-up is preferred.

Required Level of Education and Experience:

B.S. in relevant field -- plus 5 to 10 years of industry experience, or 

MS. in relevant field -- plus 3 to 8 years of industry experience, or

Ph.D. with product realization industry experience in relevant field


VECARIUS, Inc. is an emerging leader in exhaust waste heat recovery systems, significantly improving the energy efficiency of engine platforms.  Conceived by MIT engineers, our proprietary technology is positioned to make a lasting impact in clean-tech and has high potential to penetrate mass vehicle markets.   We are looking for top talent to join our team of world-class business and technology leaders and to share this vision of success. 

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Steve Casey 

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