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Global impact through better energy use



Energy is a strategic resource that has significant security, economic, geo-strategic and environmental implications for the nation and important operational implications for the military.  To significantly benefit these societal interests, our heat recovery solutions directly impact mass markets for broad societal impact, including those below. 


Increased electrical power needs are driven by engines for enhanced performance, emission controls, safety, and passenger comfort. The radical increases in electrical power demands for 2005+ production year vehicles has given rise to great interest in energy recovery technologies in order to reduce alternator load(s), which are inherently inefficient. On average, less than 25% of a gallon of gasoline is converted into useful form for propulsion and on-board electronics, while the remainder is wasted as heat through engine, exhaust, cooling, and other parasitic system losses.

Military Nontactical Vehicles.

Approximately 75% of the Department of Defense's (DoD) energy consumption is in mobility-related applications. In 2008 the fuel consumption in nontactical vehicles (NTV’s) was slightly over 100 million gallons of gasoline, or in excess of $200 M.

Portable diesel-engine electric generators.

"Electric power, provided primarily by mobile generator sets in the combat zone, is the lifeblood of the Armed Forces. For without it, all the technical wizardry of modern warfare -- the Weapons' Systems, the Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Systems, and Logistics Support Systems-- are useless.”

- DoD Mobile Electric Power

Electric generators are a primary consumer of fuel on the battlefield, and this fuel often must be trucked in at a high price, thus increasing the effective price of fuel. Ultimately, the price of fuel is the lives of men and women in uniform lost when ambushed during convoy operations. Our aim is to engineer solutions to recoup wasted energy to increase fuel efficiency and, consequently, reduce fuel logistics burden and cost.


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