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Advanced Thermal Management Systems


Our thermal management systems are specifically designed to achieve system-level solutions which are efficient, lightweight, compact, low-profile, easy to implement and operate, and cost-effective for acceptable payback periods.  Circumventing many of the challenges inherent to competitor systems, our novel design architectures (patent-pending) minimize thermal interface contact resistances and parasitic losses with far less bulk and fewer components and easily compensate for thermal expansion at high temperatures.  Furthermore, our technologies offer compact scalability in capacity (10x or greater) due to modular architecture.

Integral components critical to our thermal management designs are transducers or converters of thermal to electrical power including high ZT thermoelectrics or thermophotovoltaics.  Other components may include phase change materials or shape memory alloys.  For these materials and their proper integration, we work closely with our strategic partnerships in these fields.

The thermal systems are also designed to well interface electrically with the power management architecture to maximize power delivery and efficiency.


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